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Welcome to Begbrook Preschool

The Prechool is found in the early years area of our Academy. The Preschool team is:


Clare Morton


Chloe Alger-Seats

Marcia de Paula

Welcome to Begbrook Preschool.

Welcome to our Preschool, which offers a structured Preschool learning environment. We provide a play-based curriculum, centred around the interests of all the children in our care. We carefully observe your child, noting their enthusiasms and considering the next steps needed to develop their learning. We will work in close partnership with you to ensure your child is safe, happy and ready to learn. Please feel free to talk to us about any concerns or queries. We are very happy to help. Knowing our families well enables us to provide the best opportunities for your child to be a successful learner.

We focus on the Prime Areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development

We place particular importance upon developing children’s early language skills. All our Early Years team use Makaton and visual cues within our teaching and environment to support understanding and communication.

In addition to the Prime Areas, we support your child’s learning in the specific areas of:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Understanding the World

Your child will have the opportunity to learn both inside and in our garden, which we are working hard to develop. We also have access to the wider school grounds, including a beautiful conservation area.

If your child is not yet a member of our Preschool, please see the Preschool information section of this website for details about our sessions and how to apply.

Please visit our Year Group Website for more information about our year group team, our photo gallery and our home learning:


We also have a year group mailbox and are happy to answer your questions:

[email protected]

Who can join our Preschool?

Children aged three and four are very welcome to join our Preschool, usually in the September or January after their third birthday.  All three and four year olds are entitles to 15 hours of free Preschool education. Some families are entitled to 30 hours.

Click the link for further information about 30 hours free childcare:



(For eligible families only)

Mon 9.00 – 3.15

Tues 9.00 – 3.15

Wed 9.00 – 3.15

Thurs 9.00 – 3.15

Fri 9.00 – 2.00

Fri 2.00 – 3.15 top up

£6.00 in advance

Mon 9.00 – 3.15

Tues 9.00 – 3.15

Weds 9.00 – 11.30

Weds 12.45 – 3.15

Thurs 9.00 – 3.15

Fri 9.00 – 3.15


How do I find out more?

For further information about joining our Preschool, please contact [email protected] or 07784 360 796 (checked only on a Weds and Thurs between 9.15-2.15) otherwise call 0117 903 0386

What happens at Preschool?

The children through a combination of adult-led and child-initiated activities. Staff take note of children’s interests and use these to plan learning opportunities. Circle time is an opportunity to get together and learn as a group, but there is also lots of time for children to explore their own interests, both outside and in. Families have secure access to their child’s online learning diary, allowing them to see photos and notes on progress.

Can I have a look around?

Of course! If you are interested in attending our Preschool, you and your child are very welcome to visit. Please contact [email protected]