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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 at Begbrook Primary Academy! You have now moved up to key stage two and this is such an exciting time. Some of the learning highlights in Year 3 include:

  • being scientists and studying the characteristics of insects. We spend so much time in our wonderful outdoor learning environment searching for and identifying insects
  • being historians and immersing ourselves into the wonderful world of the Tudors: where they sit in our country’s history, as well as setting sail in the new age of exploration and discovering parts of the world
  • being authors and reading a spine-chilling book called Ice Palace, where we write in role as one of the characters and go on a journey through a frozen land
  • being geographers and understanding our location in the UK and making our very own compasses to help us navigate
  • being artists and learning the skill of collagraph printing, culminating in producing our own festive wrapping paper that we write Etsy adverts for

If government guidelines allow, children in year 3 get the opportunity to have swimming lessons for a term and we also go on some fantastic trips to the coast to hunt for fossils and a journey on The Matthew ship in Bristol.

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