‘Ambitious’ and ‘Inclusive’ Begbrook earns ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted

‘Ambitious’ and ‘Inclusive’ Begbrook earns ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted

Bristol’s Begbrook Primary Academy has been rated as ‘Good’ in all areas by education watchdog Ofsted after impressing inspectors with its ‘rich’ curriculum and ‘inclusive’ ethos.

The judgment follows a detailed analysis by four Ofsted inspectors, who spoke with staff and parents, observed lessons and carried out a ‘deep dive’ into a number of subject areas.

They scrutinised teaching and leadership, and assessed the school’s impact on its 587 pupils – before returning a glowing endorsement of Begbrook’s provision.

Inspectors heralded Begbrook – part of the Cabot Learning Federation – as a school which pupils are proud to be part of, where high standards of behaviour are expected and upheld, and where children learn to be ‘well-rounded citizens’.

The Ofsted report said: “Pupils are proud of their school. They talk positively about recent changes at the school. The ‘pupil voice group’ ensures that pupils feel involved in school improvement.

“The school has high expectations of pupils’ behaviour. As a result, pupils are respectful to adults and each other. Pupils know the school rules, ‘be kind, be safe and show respect’. This means they conduct themselves well around school.

“The school teaches pupils to be well-rounded citizens. Pupils celebrate the diversity of their local community. They learn about festivals that reflect their different cultures and religions. Pupils who make up the eco-committee inform their peers about how to save energy to make a greener planet.

“The school is inclusive. Pupils are treated equally. They learn to form healthy relationships. Pupils understand the importance of staying physically and mentally healthy. They learn to stay safe online. Pupils feel safe in school.”

The Ofsted team went on to highlight the ‘strong start’ made by early years pupils, the good support for pupils with additional needs, and the effective role of trustees and the academy council in holding school leaders to account.

And on curriculum, the inspectors added: “The school has made significant and positive changes to the curriculum. As a result, the curriculum is rich in content and ambitious for all pupils. The curriculum prioritises reading. Carefully selected books cover a wide range of stories and topics. This has led to a culture where pupils love reading.

“The wider curriculum is ambitious. The school has set out the key knowledge it wants pupils to learn. This includes new and ambitious vocabulary, which is regularly introduced to pupils. Pupils are excited about the subjects they learn.”

Vicky Counsell, Principal at Begbrook Primary Academy, said:

“Our whole Begbrook Community is very pleased with this outcome which recognises the hard work and commitment of our whole school team.

“We are pleased that we been recognised to provide an aspirational curriculum for our children and that they are proud of our school.”

Steve Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of the Cabot Learning Federation, said:

“We’re all delighted that the Begbrook community is served by such a strong school. Congratulations to our families and pupils. Really well done to the staff team for their tireless work and commitment.”