Begbrook Primary Academy Calendar of Events 2022-23

Mon 21st Nov - Thu 31st Aug 2023

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Begbrook Primary Academy Calendar of Events 2022-23

Term 1Monday 5th September 2022 – Wednesday 19th October 2022Thursday 1st September 2022

Friday 2nd September 2022

Thursday 20th October 2022

Friday 21st October 2022

Term 2Monday 31st October 2022 – Friday 16th December 2022


Term 3Wednesday 4th January 2023 – Friday 10th February 2023


Tuesday 3rd January 2023
Term 4Tuesday 21st February 2023 – Friday 31st March 2023


Monday 20th February 2023
Term 5Monday 17th April 2023 – Friday 26th May 2023


Term 6 Monday 5th June 2023 – Friday 21st July 2023


Friday 7th July 2023


Term 1

Jigsaw theme – Being Me in My World

Swimming – 5CW and 5CH

05/09/22Start of Term 1
26/09/22Parent Forum 1 (09:00 & 18:00)
03/10/22Black History Month assembly for children
03/10/22PTFA AGM
10/10/22World Mental Health Day assembly for children
12/10/22Individual and sibling photos
17/10/22Diwali assembly for children
18/10/22Parents Evenings
19/10/22Parents Evenings
19/10/22End of Term 1
Term 2

Jigsaw theme – Celebrating Difference

Swimming – 5CW and 5CH

31/10/22Start of Term 2
01/11/22KS1 Reading information session (18:15-18:45)

KS2 Reading information session (19:00-19:30)

02/11/22Reception Info Meeting – Reading and Phonics (09:00 & 18:00)
02/11/22Nasul Flu Vaccinations Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 (optional)
03/11/22Parent Forum 2 (09:00 & 18:00)
04/11/22SEND Coffee morning (time TBC)
07/11/22Remembrance Day assembly for children
14/11/22Anti-bullying week and Odd Socks Day
18/11/22Wear spots for Children in Need
21/11/22Road Safety week assembly for children
24/11/22Y1 Phonics Information session for families (09:00 & 17:30)
24/11/22Year 6 height and weight screening (optional)
09/12/22Christmas Jumper Day
12/12/22E-Safety assembly for children
13/12/22Christmas Lunch for Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5
14/12/22Christmas Lunch for Reception, Y1 and Y6
16/12/22End of Term 2
Term 3

Jigsaw theme – Changing Me

Swimming – 5FH and 4AP

04/01/23Start of Term 3
09/01/23KS2 Assessment Information meeting (09:00 & 18:00)
16/01/23Martin Luther King Day assembly for children
16/01/23Parent Forum 3 (09:00 & 18:00) For discussion: Begbrook Citizen concept & potential ‘active’ school uniform
23/01/23Chinese New Year assembly for children
24/01/23Y2 Assessment information meeting (09:00 & 18:00)
31/01/23Bedtime Stories (17:00-18:00)
06/02/23Children’s Mental Health Awareness assembly for children
08/02/23Parents Evenings
09/02/23Parents Evenings
10/02/23Safer Internet Day assembly for children
10/02/23End of Term 3
Term 4

Jigsaw theme – Relationships

Swimming – 5FH and 4AP

21/02/23Start of Term 4
27/02/23Parent Forum 4 (09:00 & 18:30)
03/03/23Dress up for World Book Day
06/03/23International Women’s Day assembly for children
08/03/23Academy Council Visit
10/03/23Parent Coffee Meeting (9am-10:30)
13/03/23Red Nose Day assembly for children
14/03/23Begbrook Science Fair (15:30-15:45)
17/03/23Wear red for Red Nose Day (optional)
17/03/23Parent Coffee Meeting (14:30-15:30)
20/03/23Ramadan and Eid assembly for children
21/03/23World Down Syndrome Day assembly for children
27/03/23Easter assembly for children
27/03/23Intergenerational group activity (13:00-15:00)
31/03/23End of Term 4
Term 5

Jigsaw theme – Healthy Me

Swimming – 4KW and 4MR

17/04/23Start of Term 5
01/05/23Bank holiday (no school)
02/05/23 – 26/05/23Y2 Assessment Week
08/05/23Bank holiday (Kings Coronation- no school)
09/05/23 – 12/05/23Y6 Assessment Week
15/05/23Mental Health Awareness Week assembly for children
17/05/23Class photos
22/05/23Parent Forum 5 (09:00 & 18:00)
22/05/23E-Safety assembly for children
26/05/23End of Term 5
Term 6

Jigsaw theme – Dreams and Goals

Swimming – 4KW and 4MR

05/06/23Start of Term 6
05/06/23 – 23/06/23Y4 Multiplications check window
12/06/23 – 16/06/23Y1 Phonics check
19/06/23World Refugee Day assembly for children
26/06/23Parent Forum 6
26/06/23 – 30/06/23Sports Week
05/07/23Shuffle Up Day
10/07/23Being an Artist learning afternoon
17/07/23E-Safety assembly for children
21/07/23End of Year